Saturday, June 16, 2012


I have stripped myself from the corporate perks. Officially turned in my company phone, laptop, and mifi. Will be deactivating the credit card soon. I feel lighter already. Cheers to a new journey and redefined values.

Heat & humility, here I come.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Leap Of Faith

I officially accepted the Indicorps fellowship position and filed my two weeks notice with Deloitte.  

::pause::  d e e p   b r e a t h  ::pause:: 

This is the biggest risk I've taken to date, but I'm looking forward to the change and know the challenge will help me realize my limits and formalize my values. During the decision-making process, I have acknowledged the comforts I'm stripping away and the challenges I will face as I immerse myself in a new culture. 

I know the journey will not be easy, but it's only a year and I don't think there is any ways it can harm my character. So, there it is. I'm moving to India in the beginning of August and starting a yearlong journey in the state my parents were raised. 

A fitting quote I recently read from the Indicorps twitter account that really hits home right now: 
"He who does not look back to his roots will not reach his destination."