Friday, January 18, 2013

Another Dose of Dosti

Tuesday January 8th was our third round of the Dosti program. As a review, 32 children were paired together: one coming from a very humble backgound and living in a hostel in Gandhi Ashram and one from a much more affluent background going to a private school in Ahemdabad. The days together have been quite positive and children have gone from barely talking to giggling together.

While planning the last day with the children living in the ashram shala in Gandhi Ashram, the children suggested a wide array of activities. With the 5 hours they would spend together, the children wanted to play sports, make cards, dance, sing, and water trees. Yes, that's right- one of their ideas to spend their fun time together was water the trees in the ashram. It was very beautiful to hear their idea to do seva. Needless to say, we included that in the program.

Other activities for the day included football (soccer), badminton, rangoli (an artistic creation made from colored powder), a three-legged race, and an introduction to the importance of service. The heartwarming end to the day was hearing some of the girls ask me for a pen so they could write their buddy's phone number in their notebook.