Tuesday, July 31, 2012


The strength of a support network has never been more important to me. Through the research, application, and acceptance of this program, I have consistently been encouraged by the people around me. Their kind words of belief, strength, and excitement for my new chapter have made me more confident in my decision.

A lesson I hope to remember here is to not set limits for myself. I guess I will prove that over the next year, but what I wanted to share here was a quick thank you for any kind words you've shared with me and to remind you that they did impact me.

Frequently Asked Questions - Answered

I've tasked myself to define my objectives and hopeful outcomes for the next year to help answer the "why India?," "why now?," "why for a year?," and "what will you be doing there?" questions most people may have. Here we go:

  • Why India? - I've always felt like something was missing from my identity. I grew up in Southern California and had a comfortable upbringing. I was fortunate enough to be very close to my family, both nuclear and extended. Spend a good amount of time with both parents, together and individually. Additionally, I was the youngest of all cousins so I was exposed to a wider array of experiences. However, I never have felt very 'Indian'. I didn't take up any Indian dance classes, never really spoke much Gujarati, and for the most part, didn't attend very many Indian functions. To that end, I have always wanted to gain that culture. I've been curious about my roots and paired with a strong interest in philanthropy, I decided that doing some social work in India would be a good fit. 

  • Why Now? - I worked for Deloitte for just under 3 years and have honed my ability to work with clients and coworkers. I now understand where I thrive and what challenges me. While I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Deloitte making lifelong friends and learning life lessons, I began to feel stale and unenergized in the working environment. So, I wanted to till the soil and uproot myself, letting myself thrive within new nutrients. I turn 25 a day before the program begins so I will use the year to test my 25 years of character-building as I adapt to a new culture, community, and climate.

  • Why for a year? - Anything shorter would not have done justice to the community or NGO (non-governmental organization). I aim to leave India in July 2013 having become a part of their community as well as having delivered something of value that will benefit the students and faculty at the school. The year will let me experience all the seasons of weather and festivals, as well as give me time to really feel comfortable in my new surroundings. 

  • What will you be doing there? - From my current understanding, I will be working with the school faculty to organize and supplement the current math curriculum with career information from the students' parents.  I will split time between being at the school office and traveling to the students' homes to meet and interview the parents. I have a few ideas of projects that I may be able to create, but will learn more about the objectives and challenges when I arrive on-site in September, after the month-long Indicorps orientation. [For my information about my project, click here]

I hope this helped you understand what my next year will entail as well as understand why I am doing it. As always, thank you for your support and love.