Monday, October 15, 2012

Daily Commute Surprise

After taking a rickshaw a few times to the "work" site in the morning, I realized it was a huge ripoff. I was paying between 50-60 rupees each way while the bus was only 9 rupees each way. So for the last few days, I utilized the public transit system- chaotic or not. And while Ahmedabad is esteemed for the BRTS (bus rapid transport system), my route doesn't align to the BRTS routes. I would have loved the on-time, unpacked, AC buses though... In either case, I digress.

I needed to be a bit early on Wednesday so I arrived at the station at 8:10AM and then, like a ray of sunshine, I saw my bus arrive fairly empty, with seats available. After I boarded, I realized there were only women on the bus. I confirmed it would follow the same route with the driver. I sat down with a smile and enjoyed my 20 minute ride in peace without the worry of being shoved or the stress of not being sure whose hand is grabbing my side  (it was an elderly women...but for a second I thought I was falling victim to the stereotypical Indian public bus stories I had heard).

While I feel a little bad that this less crowed, more peaceful bus is only allowed for women, I'm also really happy it exists. 

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