Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Deep exhale. After a month and a half, which felt like a year in itself, I closed-out my fellowship with Indicorps. It was a hard decision to make, but I eventually realized my goals were not aligned with those of the fellowship. Kind of crazy I’m now in India with no concrete plan but I’m excited to spend the next few days decompressing and thinking towards how I want to spend the remaining time here. Enthusiastic to actually learn culture and to connect with family- as well as travel! Feeling relieved and confident, finally starting to feel like myself again after a crazy fifty days.

Feel free to be in touch more now- I’ll be able to be more communicative and probably more blog-active. 


  1. Hey ami, it is truly commendable on your efforts to experience something out of your comfort zone
    India is rich in culture n history, look forward to hearing more of your experiences and travels :)


  2. I posted a comment a week ago, but it looks like my last comment got eaten.

    Surprised! It will be interesting to hear the details. A week ago I had suggested that you either find another non-profit, and then spend some time backpacking while you're there. I have friends who spent a year learning yoga and traveling across India.

    Cool to see you found another non-profit already.

  3. Yo - visit Bombay and say hi to my sis... I also have a really cool family friend who can show you the city from deep within. She is really cool as well!

  4. Good for you Ami! I hope whatever you do next is what you want! Miss you mucho! (I did read your next entries :) ) So proud of you! Going planless is a scary step but you can do it! :)