Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Miracle of a Minute

After finishing chopping veggies for lunch, I was sitting and responding to emails while the aunties completed the actual cooking (volunteers help with prep, but we are rarely allowed to actually cook- most likely because we are too slow lol). Anyways, I was sitting in the large room before the kitchen. One side of the room opens to a computer lab, with floor-to-ceiling clear plastic walls, another door opens to the store of traditional clothing created by women in the community (another blog entry in itself).

Then, through the front door, a man in a bright orange pagri (similar to a turban) walks into the room holding a musical instrument I’ve never seen before. I was quickly told it was called a ‘ravanahatha’ and that it was a traditional instrument from Rajasthan with a sound similar to a violin. 

Within a minute of the man walking into the room a staff member grabbed a dhol and a jam session of sorts began. Various other instruments were introduced and before we knew it there was an amazing energy in the room and an ordinary minute was transformed into something unforgettable.

I’ve included a video and picture below. The video is of the last song he shared with us- during the song before a volunteer graciously placed a plate for appreciative notes. I want to point that out since he selflessly shared music without every mentioning the desire of payment. Maybe this is another example of gift-economy?

It’s hard to capture this experience in words, but it was amazing and random and SO India.

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  1. I love the video. music is a beautiful thing. thanks for sharing that incredible moment you had!