Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Preparing Myself for the Journey

I've spent the last week or so getting physically prepared- packing, haircut, immunizations, etc, but the other portion of my preparation has been fairly psychological. I've envisioned myself in the toughest situations and imaged how I will work through the difficulty. There is no way to avoid it- India will be a shock to my system.  However, I'm preparing myself for the challenges and determining how I will stay energized, focused and positive.

Here are a few great pieces of advice shared with me in the last few weeks that I will turn to throughout the year:
"keep an open mind."
"be yourself."
"let yourself change, but don't focus on the changes- let it come naturally."
"conquer your fears"
"stay focused on why you're there"

And, of course, here is the Holstee Manifesto- a constant reminder to push limits and live meaningfully.


  1. Love this manifesto - so true and I feel like I want it posted on my wall at all times. I love that you are living your dreams...

    1. I love it too! A coworker who traveled abroad like this posted it when she started and different coworker emailed it to me when she heard about my trip. Thanks for your encouragement!

  2. Hey girl, thought of you's a lil over a month now so wanted to know about your venture.......loved this manifesto as well, hope u are doing good and m sure making the most of your journey :) look forward to reading/hearing more about your journey......