Thursday, August 9, 2012


After three flights, we arrived in Bombay late last night (10:30PM). Mom and I are spending the day here and then traveling to Ahmedabad via train tonight. Weather is not too bad and my spirits are up. Excited to get to orientation and begin the journey in just less than a week. For the time being, I will enjoy the time with family and family friends.

Notes from the flights:

  1. I am very dependent on either a TV during the flight, or some form of sedative to help me fall asleep and pass the time. I'm thankful both of these are now normal commodities.
  2. English is everywhere. I celebrate travelers who do not speak English nor the native tongue of the nation in which they're traveling within- seems like it would be difficult.  
  3. Cold weather socks are key during long flights. I purchased mine at REI a few years back and am thankful each time I'm in a plane for more than three hours. 
  4. Carrying my own water bottle is imperative to actually drinking a good amount of water during flight. The flight attendants were totally fine refilling it for me. 


  1. Good job. Hope the flights weren't too long. Who did you fly with?

    1. Thanks, Pisit. Traveled with my mom. She is spending some time here after I start the program. The flights weren't actually too bad- broke up the journey through 3 legs so pretty easy to handle.

  2. Yoshi Doshi!

    You go girl. Looks like the trip has gone well so far. Enjoy the 'off time' and look forward to your new adventure.

    1. Thanks, Chinny! Hope all is well with Wendy & Baby Lillian.