Friday, August 10, 2012

Train from Bombay to Ahmedabad

Last night we traveled from Bombay to Ahmedabad. The journey was around 6 hours in duration and could have been traveled via plane. The train ride began at 11:25PM and we reached Ahmedabad at 5:30AM. Mom and I were in a sleeper compartment and both slept on top bunks- baggage was stored beneath the beds of the guests beneath us.

Since we had four bags between the two of us, we hired a man to help us bring them onto the train. Just for reference, we paid a man 100 rupees (Rs) [~$2] in Bombay to use a dolly and transport our baggage to the train compartment, as well as load it near our beds. Then, upon arrival in Ahmedabad, we paid two men a total of 120 Rs [~$2.40] to carry them from the train to the car. This time, however, they had no, one man carried two 50 lb bags atop his head and the the other man rolled one and carried another. It was somewhat crazy to see, seeing as though I was barely able to carry one bag by myself. Things like this are normal to see at a train station though. I guess I've seen this in Africa too- however, it is always crazy to fathom.

In Ahmedabad for the day with my mom's younger sister (mom's sister is called "masi" in Gujarati), her family and staying with them are my other masi (mom's older sister) and my maternal grandmother (maternal grandmother is called "nani" in Gujarati). Spending the day relaxing and figuring out internet and cell-phone options.

Here are some pictures from the train:
 In front of our compartment- a very colorful train
Getting my bed ready for the ride. The cost of a bed in the AC sleeper train was about 600-700 Rs ($12-$14). Within this compartment they provide two flat sheets, a blanket and a pillow complimentary with the ride.  


  1. I love over night trains :-) Such a great option! So glad you made it safe doshi! xx

  2. You are so beautiful and I love you. I hope you write a novel someday telling everyone about your journey.