Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sakhat South India Travels

Sakhat means wonderful/awesome in Gujarati and Hindi

Post yoga teacher training (YTT), I met up with my friend Brianna who I met while working at Deloitte. She is spending 6 weeks traveling in India and we coordinated to spend time in Kerala together. It was so great to travel with her and we definitely created some lifetime memories. One of her first world traveling trips, when she took a 5 month sabbatical almost 2 years ago, was an inspiration for my trip. Check out her blog here:
Brianna and I en route from Trivandrum to Kanyakumari - Day 1 of the trip

We met at India Coffee House in Trivandrum on Sunday morning, April 14th. The architecture of the building is quite interesting- built in a spiral formation- and the food was tasty and inexpensive, just like the other branch I went to while in Jaipur.
Enjoying breakfast at India Coffee House
Building view from the outside- almost directly opposite the Trivandrum  train station
Note the spiral architecture


  1. We most definitely created many unforgettable memories together! Here's to more to come xx

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