Sunday, April 14, 2013

Awesome Aura

Okay…so aura might not be a word that we use a ton in the west, but what I mean is the energy you emit. I bring this topic up because I experienced amazing energy during my yoga teacher training and it made a huge different. The energy filled the ashram and was that extra ‘umph’ when I was getting tired during asanas or when the weather was just getting too humid.

Maybe that energy was there because we were all doing something we had dreamed of doing. Or maybe we were feeding off of each other’s positivity. I’m not sure, but the energy was encouraging and strong- and I wanted to do more, better, more often.

I wonder what would happen if that energy was always with us? What if we wrapped ourselves in the most amazing aura of positivity and compassion and shared that with each other? What if we supported each other instead of competing with each other?

Maybe it’s a stretch and too much of a challenge, but next time you want to complain or share a negative thought, think of the ripples of toxic energy you’re about to spread and reevaluate if it’s worth it. Will you still be thinking that negative thought in five minutes? If not, maybe it isn’t worth spreading.

Positivity breeds positivity and smiles multiply so…smile, see a smile and pay it forward.

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